Voice Over

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What to Expect

Having seven professional recording booths allows us to offer above average turnaround time while maintaining high quality material and actor comfort.

Each booth is equipped with a separate control room ensuring no-contact talent safety and maximum audio isolation.

With a curated roster of talent as well as personal connections with agents across the country, the process of casting your next project is effortless.

We have an in-house director ready to assist with any project, and our engineers are also trained to direct and aid talent in delivering their best performances.

Want to Join in?

Our studio has full remote connection capabilities, allowing you and your team to sit in on sessions from around the world.

Connect via SourceConnect, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or whatever your preferred platform is.

Services Offered:

♦ Recording

♦ Editing

♦ Casting

♦ Script Adaptation

♦ Auditions

♦ Project Management

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