“Behind The Glass”
Voice Over Workshop

An intensive voiceover workshop as taught by the production and studio team at our Canada location


 Date: Apr 15 2018 (Sunday) 10am – 4pm

With Special Guest Speaker:

Voiceover Classes and Workshops

Nancy von Euw
Working actor/director/producer, voiceover artist, singer and coach.
Years of experience in TV, film, commercials, theatre and the web.

On-Mic Practice

Get in the booth and practice
real scripts on the mic!

Learn Better Delivery

Give the Director what he really wants.
Use what you have to get what you need.


Perfect Demos

What does the studio/casting really listen for in your demo?

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Only: $425!!

Limited to 6 spots.
Only 2 spots left!


How many voice over workshops have you attended? 2, 4, 10?
And how many of those workshops were taught by another voice over artist?

Basically, you were learning from someone who is your competition!

Why not learn from the people on the other side of the glass: The Director, The Producer, The Casting Agent, The Engineer and more? Learn from the people who are making the big decisions.

Course Details


Voice Demos

  • What NOT to put in your demo
  • How long should your demo be?
  • The two essential demos you NEED.
  • How much does a demo cost?
  • Where to record your demo
  • What is a Voice Agent looking for in your demo?


  • What to bring to auditions
  • What does the casting director really want
  • Why you might NOT be picked
  • What do clients like Telus, Coke and Comcast want?
  • We’ll have a fake audition practice too!
  • and do some cold reads!

 In The Studio

  • Microphone technique
  • On-Mic practice and coaching
  • Studio etiquette
  • Voice and body warm ups
  • Delivering “the goods”
  • What the producer/engineer are looking for
  • Studio terminology (slating, punches, alts etc)
  • Interaction with the client
  • Consistency for long reads ie: audiobooks

 Home Setup

  • Microphone types and selection
  • Iso booth construction
  • Software options
  • Hardware: Pre-amps and interfaces
  • Setting up your custom voice preset

The Voice Over Workshop: Behind the Glass is fun, informative and provides practical advice. Richard’s positive approach is inviting to everyone at every level. He is inspiring and has a magical way of offering constructive criticism that motivates the participants. Richard is a wealth of information and his passion for sound is infectious. I highly recommend this workshop.

Angela G

Actor and Voice Artist

Included in your fee!

  • Discounts on your own Voiceover Demo
  • Free Snacks
  • Unlimited coffee, coke, water etc
  • Lunch
  • Class materials and handouts
  • Small class size giving you full attention
  • Post-class contact with us via email
  • Chance to meet and network with other awesome people!

Classes are limited to only 6 artists

This is a ONE DAY intensive workshop designed for serious voice over artists, using our years of real-life experience.


  Students must pre-register early. Fees are non-refundable since we have such a limited class size and a waiting list.

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Only: $425!!

I was lucky enough to participate in the “Behind the Glass” voice over workshop at Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios with the amazing Richard Dolmat. I can hardly express how grateful & “enlightened” I feel in having completed it that snowy Saturday at the studio. The group we had was so talented and even though we were all fairly green, Richard made us all feel comfortable & frankly…it was empowering! (Who knew what we all had locked up inside.)
We were also very lucky to have the talented Nancy Von Euw come to give us the lowdown about the industry. Wonderful tips and wisdom. This seminar is truly a gift and if you’ve ever had a dream to try this creative medium, this is your first step!

Kari S

Voice Artist

I had a great time at the “Behind The Glass” Voice Over Workshop. If you’ve ever wanted to start learning the ropes of voice over, I highly recommend taking the workshop! Richard has a wealth of information on VO and makes the learning process very easy and fun. Special guest Brenda Campbell of Premiere Talent stopped by to give us a further insight on what it takes to be in the industry and the motivation to move our career forward. Thank you both for the fun Saturday!

Patrick N


This workshop was amazing! The class was small providing a safe and comfortable environment in which to practice and have a few laughs along the way. Richard is an amazing coach sharing his mastery and experience of the industry through honest and encouraging feedback. I was in the booth recording in no time and could actually hear myself improving and gaining confidence as I applied my new found skills. I would recommend this workshop to anyone trying to enter the voiceover industry. The knowledge and advice that Richard shares is invaluable. Thank you!

Jo B

Voice Artist

Thank you Richard and Nancy Von Euw for an amazing experience with your Behind The Glass workshop. This is my 1st step into becoming a Voice Over actor and I truly feel this workshop and Nancy gave me all the initial steps I need to make this dream happen! Very professional and so much fun! We had tons of time on the Mic and it was amazing to see the difference after some directing from Richard!! I look forward to working with you on my Demo and many projects in the future!! 

Chad W

Voice Artist

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