This recording studio tutorial will describe and explain our process for advanced voice over gating by using a sidechain feed into the gate plugin. We’re doing this in Cubase for Mac, but also have a Pro Tools version for you. Check our Channel for details!

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Voiceover Gating Introduction – 00:00 – 01:32
(Gating uses, voice over application, Cubase, region editing)

Step 1 – 01:33 – 06:56
(voiceover editing, duplicating audio track, add mixing bus, setup voice over sidechain, send sidechain to voice over track gate plugin)

Step 2 – 06:57 – 09:54
(time shift original voice over track, adjust gate parameters)

Wrap-Up and Conclusion – 09:55 – 11:28
(final editing notes, more information and weblinks)

It’s as easy as that folks! Advanced gating techniques for voice over recording and editing. If you have any questions we’d love to hear them. Keep in touch and check back often for more recording studio tips and techniques!


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