Voice Recording Studio Talent Roster

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Our voice over talent makes things blazingly fast!

Let us connect your project with some of the best voice over artists world-wide.

Greater Efficiency

…by not forcing you to outsource talent which takes more time and more money


Greater Customization

…if you need something changed in the middle of a project we can handle it without middlemen

Greater Budget Control

…all projects fall under one single invoice. No need to pay a bunch of different people

Female Voice Over Talent Roster

Voice Recording Studio Female

Male Voice Over Talent Roster

Voice Recording Studio Male

Debbe H

Stephanie J

Kaitlin S

Jennifer K

Nancy vE.

Claire D (French)

Emilie L (French)

Emilie L (English)

Michelle B

Aimee S

Natalie G

Nikki T (US)

Nikki T (Australia)

Christine C

Joanna R. (Spanish)

Yukari (Japanese)

Lisa G


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