Audio Samples

The proof is in the pudding. Watch the videos for a taster of the full productions.

Telus Studios

Telus contacted us to bring a video to life with sound. The challenge? They needed it within 24 hours – and it had to sound like it took 3 weeks. We sourced the talent, edited the track, and had a final version in their hands (and for their ears) in 18 hours. To which they replied “Whoa. So fast and so perfect. Thank you, Digital Sound Magic”.

and another…

Telus loved us so much that they couldn’t get enough. Here’s another in our long relationship of audio-ness together. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered and ready for the world; all within a quick 48 hour deadline.


NBC needed some ADR. Since they knew we are available 24-hours/day naturally they contacted us. We had a total of two full sessions with live ISDN connections to New York. We also secured car service for the talent. Just because we love to help!

On-Hold Messaging

Since Body Bar couldn’t believe how amazing our previous productions were (as is usually the case with all our clients), they asked us to upgrade the voice over recordings for their entire phone on-hold and after hours messaging service. This is the result!

Chind Gold Int’l

We get clients from all over the world. China Gold International asked us to cast the talent and produce the voice over for this video. With a limited turn-around time of one week, we delivered beyond their expectations. We even offered to subtitle the video as part of our ongoing world-class customer service.

Body Bar

Our great friends at Body Bar wanted to update their corporate profile video and knew to ask us for our mad skillz. Along with the voice over and music we also shot, edited and delivered the entire video within one 24-hour day….a LONG 24-hour day. But we’re willing to do anything to make our clients happy.

Samples from recent recording studio sessions.

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