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What is the best over the ear headphone under $100?

 Headphones, like most things in life. are very subjective. What works for one person will not work for another. The best way to find out is to test them all. Go to the stores, bring your favorite songs, plug into each pair of studio headphones and start...

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Why are waveforms mirrored?

Waveforms aren't actually mirrored. They have a plus and a minus side. Imagine the center-line of the waveform you posted is ZERO. This is absolute silence.Now imagine anything above that line is plus (positive), and anything below that line is minus (negative). The...

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Can I make a decent living being a voiceover artist?

You can make a "decent" living as a supplement to your "day job". Now this is actually a chicken-and-egg situation.In order to become a fully employed on-demand voice talent, you'll need to go full steam ahead. Save up 6 months of savings, quit your job, and get the...

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