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What Does ‘phase offset equalizing’ Mean?

Phase offset in EQ is the phenomenon where a boost/cut in any frequency band via an EQ shifts the phase of that frequency region to the amplitude difference. In normal English, it means that when you a perfectly flat EQ (bypassed), all the frequencies in the spectrum...

How can we change our voice from hard to soft?

My absolute favorite way of changing the tone and emotion of my voice delivery is to imagine. What do I mean by "Imagine"? Well, picture a single person in front of you....really picture them in your mind. Imagine what their face looks like. Are they young? Old? Male?...

How do I manage a music studio?

Apart from the studio-focussed questions that need to be considered, such as:What type of music will you record in your studio?Will you buy new or second-hand gear?Where will you advertise and do you have a budget for it?How much will you charge?Will you rent it to...

When would you prefer to record with a shotgun mic indoors?

Anytime is a good time for shotgun mics! They're not only for outdoor film shoots.Try them instead of your regular large-diaphragm condensers. Perhaps force yourself to use nothing but shotguns for one day. We love them for recording voice-overs at our studios. I...

Why do my mixes sound different on multiple players?

Remember the old "Yin-Yang" principle which states, "whenever you turn something up, something else disappears. Furthermore; whenever you turn something down, something else gets louder". This applies to EQ, levels and almost anywhere you have two or more tracks. You...

What is the cheapest functioning soundproofing material?

We need to first analyze what you actually need. Soundproofing means denying sound access to an area (ie: prevent sound from leaving your location and annoying the neighbors, or preventing outside sound from infiltrating your studio). This is generally done with mass....

What is the best way to place a microphone for acoustic guitar?

There are several ways up the mountain when miking an acoustic guitar in the recording studio. One of my all time favorites is using a clip-on lavalier mic! I find it to be the warmest and most detailed sound, but it also serves to solve another huge issue we have in...

How many audio tracks are in a typical pop song?

 Great question! This varies quite a lot. It's akin to the question "how long is a piece of string?" Just speaking from experience in our studios, we've had everything from a simple two track recording (vocals and acoustic guitar), to huge productions with 114...

What is the best over the ear headphone under $100?

 Headphones, like most things in life. are very subjective. What works for one person will not work for another. The best way to find out is to test them all. Go to the stores, bring your favorite songs, plug into each pair of studio headphones and start...

Why are waveforms mirrored?

Waveforms aren't actually mirrored. They have a plus and a minus side. Imagine the center-line of the waveform you posted is ZERO. This is absolute silence.Now imagine anything above that line is plus (positive), and anything below that line is minus (negative). The...

What are good ways to advertise a startup recording studio?

I would suggest start off with a budget for web development. You'll definitely need an online presence in this day and age. It's a great place to post photos of your studio, a floor plan, your services offered, song and mixing demos, contact details etc.Next take some...

Can I make a decent living being a voiceover artist?

You can make a "decent" living as a supplement to your "day job". Now this is actually a chicken-and-egg situation.In order to become a fully employed on-demand voice talent, you'll need to go full steam ahead. Save up 6 months of savings, quit your job, and get the...

Audiobook Recording Tips and Tricks (Part 2)

Hopefully you’ve read our Part 1 of this Audiobook Recording Series and it guided you towards the right path of Audiobook greatness! If you’ve not read it yet, click here to quickly catch up: Audiobook Recording Tips and Tricks (Part 1)

Phone System Voiceovers

Using professional voice over for your corporate phone system is a creative option for boosting the success of sales, customer communication and for making B2B contacts more productive. Although it seems like an easy tool for corporate identity establishment, interactive voice response (IVR) is often neglected by companies.

Choosing a Voiceover Recording Studio

Choosing a voiceover recording studio depends on your specific requirements. Searching the web will give you dozens of options to choose from – from small amateurish studios promising the best recording results to professional studios with a proven track record of success

Voice Over Recording Session Warm-ups

Getting ready for a voice over recording session involves vocal exercises and making sure that your voice is ready. The process is quite similar to what music recording artists go through.

Tuning Your EQ

This recording studio tutorial will explain how to shape and carve out your tracks by “tuning the EQ”, a very precise way to create tonal space in your music mixing process and allow all your tracks to shine!

Out of Town Client? Read This…

Then you’ve come to the right place! We like to announce our exclusive partnership with Delta Hotels and Aerocar Limousine Service.

Audiobook Recording Tips and Tricks (Part 1)

There is nothing we like better than to listen to a really great audiobook recording. Whether it’s a fast-paced fiction or a factual business/education book; audiobooks are convenient and easy (especially when driving or on a long-haul flight to Europe).

37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old

We don’t exactly remember where the source of this excellent list is from (if you know, please tell us to whom the credit should go), but it’s something that we at Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios live by. And so should you 😉

Music Mastering Submission Tips

Music mastering is the final stage of production, immediately following the recording studio session and before the master CD is sent to be duplicated and distributed.

Media Based Communication

Social networking and media based communications have become a key factor in the busy lives of consumers these days. Businesses must reach out with new market strategies on different platforms to keep competitive.

Voice Over Recordings Tips

In this article we will go over the basic points when producing your voice overs in the recording studio, whether you’re recording for network TV, Film, Youtube or an internal Corporate Video. These tips apply to both male voice talent and female voice talent.

Recording Studio Tips and Tricks

You know your songs are great (and so does your girl/boyfriend, family, pets etc), and you finally decided to record an album (or a song) in a real recording studio. That’s great! But what actually happens when you start your first session in a music recording studio?

Full Length Albums Are Dead

A compilation album is still an album and the current-day consumer has no interest in paying for extra songs they don’t know or like.

recording studio articles and blogRecording Studio Articles and Blog

As we progress through our days at our recording studios, we quite often pickup little tidbits and tricks (and even some humorous insight) into your ‘typical’ day at a voice recording studio. We’ll also share ideas and opinions on how you can improve your business marketing through the use of professional voice over talent and productions.