You Need This!: Professional Voice Overs for Your Business Phone System


On hold phone messaging voice overUsing professional voice over for your corporate phone system is a creative option for boosting the success of sales, customer communication and for making B2B contacts more productive. Although it seems like an easy tool for corporate identity establishment, interactive voice response (IVR) is often neglected by companies.

IVR has proven efficiency – it provides important information in the beginning of the conversation, refers customers to one service or another, saves time and helps for the management of unanswered calls.

Of course you can always ask some of your employees to record a message for clients. But the non-professional approach towards IVR is obvious and it can have quite a negative impact on your reputation and potential client’s first impressions.

Instead, you should find a professional recording studio. Voice greetings like “Thank you for your call” or “Press one for service” have their special attributes that improve the conversation and work in your company’s favor.


When Do You Need Professional Voice Over for IVR?

Professional recording is suitable for all kinds of businesses, not for just a few industries. You may have a small local business or a bigger enterprise, but all businesses have one aim – acquire more customers and generate bigger profit.

If you want to attract clients you need to convey the right message. Professional voice over is crucial when it comes to:

  • Customer relationship management: if your company uses calls for client complaints, the tone of the voice and the message that welcomes people to your system is going to determine how subsequent communications will take place.

  • Business contact information: an automatic message can provide information about the phone numbers and extensions of all department reps (with repeating mode if necessary). Instead of waiting for a secretary to find it, the phone system will provide the right number. You’ll save the time of both your clients and employees.

  • 24/7 “secretary:” if you’re running a small business, every single call is important. One short clear message can play on your phone system automatically when you’re out of the office or serving another client. Thereby keeping your caller on the line instead of hanging up and moving to your competition.


Three Benefits of a Professional Voice Over

Nowadays, businesses have a lot of options for customer communication – email, social media, chat and video calls are just some of the possibilities. Although these tools can help expand your reach, your business phone system can remain the most integral marketing tool. Depending on the specifics of your business, contact by phone allows your clients the most direct and easy access to your services.

The following list includes some of the most important features of professional voice over recording for your company.

Impeccable voice over skills: professional voice over talents have perfect pronunciation, flawless grammar, and a trained voice. Voice greetings are the first impression your company makes on potential customers. Professional voice recording studios know this and can produce clear messages for your IVR.

Professional voice over consultations: the recording studio experts will consult with you on what’s best for your message and image – female or male talent, sound, music and other specifics. Choosing among a huge base of voice talent will give you the chance to execute your message in the best way possible.

High sound quality: compare your office-made recording with any on-hold message recorded in a professional studio; you’ll easily spot the difference. Professional IVR has crystal clear sound, no background noise or a trembling voice. The voices of professionals express the emotions that your message should convey in the clearest way possible.

A professional voice over recording for your business phone system will be your first impression on clients and prospects. Every welcome message or step-by-step guide will simplify communications and increase the likelihood of clients going through with the purchasing process. Investing in professional IVR means investing in the reputation of your business.