Great question!
This varies quite a lot. It’s akin to the question “how long is a piece of string?”
Just speaking from experience in our studios, we’ve had everything from a simple two track recording (vocals and acoustic guitar), to huge productions with 114 tracks! The large productions featured lot and lots of rewire tracks from Reason, live drums, live percussion, 4 guitar tracks, 2 bass tracks, multiple vocal tracks (leads and backing), strings, claps, effects etc. Here’s the song:

That particular song took a LONG time to produce, but it was worth it. Have a listen at 3:46 for the vocal tracks.
If we are to perhaps imagine a “typical” band, then the general recording setup would be:
  • 5-8 tracks for drum mics
  • 1 bass track
  • 2-3 guitar tracks
  • lead vocal
  • 3-4 backing vocals
  • 1-2 keys
That would probably be the minimum for current productions.