Game Audio

Sound Design | Voice Overs | Music Composition | Implementation

Power in Numbers

Every great gaming project starts (and ends) with a talented team who knows precisely how to select and direct talent, produce exceptionally, and deliver quickly. Our sound design team does all of this and more for every project – no matter what the size.

At our two-story custom-built studios in Vancouver, BC you can expect a world-class production team ready to work with you. Our gaming team is engaged in your project needs: from start to finish. We enhance projects and deliver results.

Video Game/Gaming Production

We can handle custom auditions and casting to find the perfect voice for your video games. Simply give us character descriptions and we’ll do the rest. As always, you get final approval on all talent.

We can create & implement all your sound assets via Wwise or FMod, letting you focus on your development while we deliver perfect audio that is reactive, immersive and instant. We can also compose custom adaptive music.

Already have your scripts? As part of our service we can adapt your script to match on camera lip-sync and improve cultural reference to your target audience.

Not sure which direction to take? Contact us for a quick chat about your projects. 

Engage your audience and make an impact!