Dubbing and Localization

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Talent Casting

We can handle custom auditions and casting to find the perfect voice for your dubbing projects. You get final approval on all talent.

Project Management

Give us your deadline and we’ll do the rest. We coordinate all schedules, sessions and deliveries to meet your deadlines.


We are partnered with several ISO-certified translators to translate up to 80 different languages. Send us the scripts you have and we’ll translate them for you.


Script Adaptation

Already have your scripts? As part of our service we can adapt your script to match on camera lip-sync and improve cultural reference to your target audience.


Synced dubbing, ADR-style or UN Style. Our talent and engineers will maintain the “feel” and tone of the original production audio and deliver acting perfection in your target language.


Whether you need layback onto video, simple mixed audio files, stems or even the entire Pro Tools project we can deliver on time using our private secure server at any standard volume level you require.


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On Time

We deliver on or before your deadline

On Budget

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