Voice over recording studioFive Questions to Ask before Choosing a Voiceover Studio


Choosing a voiceover recording studio depends on your specific requirements. Searching the web will give you dozens of options to choose from – from small amateurish studios promising the best recording results to professional studios with a proven track record of success.

Once you narrow it down, you’ll need to talk to a rep from each of the recording studios that you’re interested in. The sound recording has to be of top-notch quality, so take your time in your research. Sit down, draft a list of questions and use these to get personalized information that’s relevant to your project. If the studio doesn’t have time to answer your questions: run!

If you aren’t certain how to approach the right voice recording studio, here are five questions that you can get you started.


How experienced are your sound engineers?

This happens to be of primary importance.

Sound studio equipment is also important but it has to be in the right hands. The experience of the sound engineers is more important than the quality of the hardware. Experienced engineers will take care of the recording and mixing – your voice project will be done faster and you’ll get results that surpass your expectations.

Opt for engineers that have years of experience. They can get the best results for your budget, and can troubleshoot issues as they arise. If you have any doubts you can always ask for references from other clients. Check for testimonials, as well. As you can see Coca-Cola, Toyota, NBC and Lego have trusted Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios. Needless to say, so can you.


How Many Male and Female Voice Talents Work for You?

Choosing the best female of male voice talent is a tough job. If you pick the right recording studio, you’ll get to choose among numerous professionals that all have the experience and skills. Remember though, very few recording studios actually have their own multi-lingual talent base. By choosing a voice studio with professional engineers and experienced talent you can focus on your marketing goals and the studio will take care of everything else.

The best studios will also give you a lot of flexibility. And don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions, they’re there to help.


What’s the Turnaround Time?

Fast turnaround time is important for just about every business. If you work with tight deadlines and need quick delivery of voice recordings, your studio has to be prepared for that. Ask the studio experts what’s the minimum time they need to record, mix, edit and produce the final outcome.

Only the top professional voice recording studios in the world can offer a 24-hour turnaround time, some are capable of doing even better. Keep in mind that the quality of the final recording shouldn’t suffer for the sake of a quick turnaround time.


Do You Offer Voice Recording in Different Languages?

If you have an international company or you plan to expand to another country, you’ll probably need voice talents capable of performing in different languages.

Though multi-lingual recording services are more difficult to find, there are well-established companies out there. Spending some time on finding such a studio will be much better than dealing with hindrances every step of the way stemming from the specific nature of the job.


Where’s the Studio Located and What’s the Atmosphere?

The atmosphere in the studio will contribute to the quality of the final outcome. Professional studios are large enough for voice over talents to feel comfortable during recording sessions. Having quiet places where professionals can do a bit of rehearsing is also important. Some recording studios even go the extra mile and they offer homemade food and fresh coffee.   

Are you looking for a Vancouver recording studio that can cater to your every need? Or maybe you need a studio in Europe? Finding a digital recording company operating on two continents will ease the process of all your voice recording projects, especially if you represent an international business.

Don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions you may have. The best professionals aren’t afraid of interactions with clients. In fact, they’ll be more than happy to provide all of the data you need to make up your mind.


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