My absolute favorite way of changing the tone and emotion of my voice delivery is to imagine. What do I mean by “Imagine”? Well, picture a single person in front of you….really picture them in your mind. Imagine what their face looks like. Are they young? Old? Male? Female? Are they even listening to you? Are they looking at your eyes? Are they distracted?

Now, imagine there is a little 5 year old girl in front of you….or an old 90 year old lady sitting in a wheelchair in front of you. NOW try doing your voiceover script with that person in mind….voila! Instant softness!

Long-story-short: if you take a few seconds to imagine a specific person to talk to, you will automatically change your voice delivery. It’s really that easy!

Imagine a loud male drunk construction worker? Your voice delivery will be loud and fast.

Imagine a quiet little girl? Your voice delivery will be quiet, soothing and slow.

This is what works for me. Perhaps you’ll develop your own technique. But at least I hope this helps a little bit!