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Audiobook Production

We offer full-service audiobook recording and production, in multiple languages. All we need from you is a PDF and we’ll handle the rest: from casting to project management to ISO-certified translations to recording and file delivery.

Why Audiobooks?

With the advent of smart speakers and the abundance of smart phones and free wifi in most cities, audiobooks are an ever-increasing media market worldwide for students, professionals, and people of all ages. People listen to audiobooks on buses, planes, road trips, cruises, at home, at work; almost anywhere you may have a few spare minutes (or a few long hours) to catch up with your favorite authors.

What We Offer

We Manage
Let us handle the hard stuff. Simply send us a PDF proof (or physical copy) of your book or manuscript, and we’ll do the rest. Our 2 story 7-room recording facility can handle multiple projects which:

  • decreases turnaround time (meet your deadlines with every project)
  • speeds up workflow and QC
  • removes the stress off your shoulders (you don’t have to worry about finding voice talent, conversions or file compliance)
We Supply
From your manuscript we provide an all-in-one service and deliver world-class audiobook files at the specifications you require.

  • Project management from beginning to end
  • Voice casting and auditions to find the narrator you envision
  • Multiple language casting for foreign languages
  • Scheduling and deadline
  • Final QC (if anything is wrong, we’ll make it right)
  • File hosting on our private secure server
  • ISO certified translations
We Add
We can also increase your branding, marketing and promotions by providing the following:

  • Author interviews (via Skype, phone call, in-person)
  • Mobile author narration recording (we come to YOU and record the original author as the narrator)
  • Sample clips editing
  • Additional voice casting for larger radio-play style projects
  • 12,000 sound effects database to enhance your productions
  • discounts on multiple projects
  • Fast Turnaround 100% 100%
  • World Class Quality 100% 100%
  • Professional Services 100% 100%

Our Work Flow

Contact Us

Whether by phone or email simply send us a message with a copy of your manuscript/book (or even send us a rough word count) and we’ll send you an all-in flat rate quote which includes: recording costs, engineering fee, voice talent fees, editing, mixing, file exports and delivery. You never pay more than the original estimate!

We Do The Work

Once we get your documents and requirements the next step is to send you samples of our voice talents and let you choose the voice which suits your project best. We then move onto scheduling, recording, edits and QC. You will have a listen to the final files and give us final approval before creating ACX (or other) compliant audio files.

Get Your Audio Files

After all is said and done, we will host your files on our secure server for you to download. If you prefer, we can also send you the files via: ftp, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, WeTransfer etc

Your project is done!

How Can We Help?

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible
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